5 Tips For Enhancing Children’s Photographs With Imagenomic Portraiture

Here are five tips for enhancing children’s photographs with the Imagenomic Portraiture. You can improve your children’s photos with the Imagenomic Portraiture plug-in.



Every professional or amateur photographer who’s taking children’s photography needs a little after work in a Photoshop, or any other app, to prettify photos. Every child has a particular skin tone with all shortcomings like acne, scars, blemishes, etc. And many of these can ruin the picture. With the Imagenomic Portraiture plug-in you can correct all drawbacks and improve photos like a pro, and it will definitely save your time.

Imagenomic Portraiture is a specially made plug-in for skin smoothness and retouching portrait photos. It is a very powerful tool used by many professional photographers and here are five tips for enhancing children’s photographs with Imagenomic Portraiture:

Use the Detail Smoothing Panel correctly

In a Detail Smoothing Panel, you can add smoothness to a photo using a threshold slider, but it is critical to adjust other sliders appropriately. If you put a Fine slider in a high number, you will lose contrast, which means you will lose details, and you don’t want that. If you disturb those little details in texture, you can make your photo unnatural.

The Medium slider will focus on some larger details, and the best setting that seems to work is around zero. The Large slider is for general area around the flash, and the best adjustment is in higher values. All these adjustments will help you to keep the contrast and natural texture of the photo.

Do not exaggerate with a threshold

The amount of the threshold will depend on each type of skin, but usually, you won’t need much. If the child’s face is nice and clean, you will probably need just a bit of it. But if there are acne, scars or blemishes on the skin, you will require more effect. Do not exaggerate because you can easily fall into a trap and lose the natural impression of the photo.

Train your skills with a variety of children’s photos and types of skin, and see in which cases you will need less or more smoothness.

Set the Skin Tones Mask tight

If you want to affect skin only and avoid damaging other parts of the photo, use the Skin Tones Mask very tightly. The plug-in can do it automatically, but if you want the best results with smoothing the skin do it yourself. When you do school portraits or any Children’s portraits, try to set the mask just on the skin. After a while, you will be doing this in no time, and the photos will be a lot better.


Use the Fade feature in a Photoshop to adjust the amount of Portraiture’s effect

Sometimes it can be useful if you were overstuffing photos with the Portraiture so you can adjust it with a Fade feature. Just put down a percentage slider for a 10-30% and see how it looks. This option can be helpful, and it will give you more time to think about the results.

Put more brightness if you want nice smoothness with a significant amount of the effect

It’s not easy to handle rough types of skin, and once in a while, you will need to give more threshold to the photo. Before that, set the brightness slider in the Enhancements panel to a higher value and try to keep a natural look of the skin.


With the proper usage, you will definitely enhance your children’s photos with the Imagenomic Portraiture. It will improve your products, but also your skills.


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