Using the Imagenomic Portraiture Plug-in To Create The Best Images On The Internet

Plug-ins such as Imagenomic Portraiture can essentially do most of the work instead of the user. Learn more!


Most people look at graphic editing tools such as Photoshop, or Lightroom and avoid them because they appear to be hard to use or navigate. While they may look complicated to those who are not used to using programs of this sort, they are far from difficult to use.


Apart from many basic functions that can be accessed with the press of a button and are mostly self-explanatory, there are also several plugins that can do the heavy lifting for the user.

A fast solution for making a great photo amazing

Plug-ins such as Imagenomic Portraiture Plugin can essentially do most of the work instead of the user. It essentially selects only the area that represents skin tones and offers a few preset values that can be used to make is smoother. Those who are not happy with the preprogrammed settings can also fine-tune the values themselves.

The overall effect is fantastic for removing imperfections in the skin, lips, and eyes. Also, the fact that you do not have to select the areas that you want to modify manually makes it perfect for those that are not used to tools such as Photoshop.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of filters and blur


You can also try duplicating your picture layer and apply blur to it. Once you overlay the two layers, you will see that the image will be more vibrant, more dynamic and that the details will all still be there. This is especially great when you pair it with the portraiture plug-in in terms of editing. However, try not to blur the layer too much as this may affect the clarity of the result.

Filter Backgrounds to emphasize the important elements

Another useful technique is that of filtering the backgrounds of your photos. While this is a bit more complicated to achieve, but the effect it amazing. By changing the background, you can fundamentally change the overall look and feel of the whole image, either make certain elements pop, or make composition seem darker or lighter.

Clarify the skin tone with the plug-in from Imagenomic Portraiture, and then emphasize the portrait by filtering the background.


Consider applying filters to the entire image

While these effects may sometimes detract from the quality of the photo, there are moments when a bit of neon glow will do wonders. Simply remember that the best way to improve an image is through delicate effects. Choose less obvious filters for a more natural look, or stronger ones if you want to make a statement.